Makeup and styling by Ekene Patience1921987_652699958179038_6418418086932493345_n

Hello everyone! My name is Ekene and I am a certified beauty consultant, I do Manicure, Pedicure and Makeup and I am also a photomodel in addition to everything else that I am. I am very hopeful, very optimistic, and very hard working. I am residing now in The Netherlands now I am the second oldest of 4 children that my mom gave birth to.I have a Bsc. in Biochemistry and a Diploma in Professional Secretary from the U. S. A I am currently in the University in the Netherlands studying Int. Bus. and Management studies.My modelling experience in Netherland make me part of who I am today.I have also modelled in Belgium, France, Germany, Milan and the Netherlands Apart from that I am a fun loving person. My nickname is smilie and that’s because I smile a lot and I also laugh too much and sometimes can’t stop myself but am currently getting help with that. I laugh because I am easily amused and that’s what helps me get through life without wallowing in negativity. My motto in life is to never do to others DELIBERATELY what I wouldn’t like them to do to me

I do make-up , manicure, pedicure at locations too!

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